Ihya Libya proposes a new “Road Map” led by the Secretary-General of the League of Arab States


His Excellency Mr. Ahmed Aboul Gheit,
Arab League Secretary-General


Against the backdrop of the resignation of the Special Envoy of the Secretary-General of the United Nations to Libya, His Excellency Mr. Abdullah Bathily, and after consulting with a wide range of political parties, social councils, and civil society institutions in Libya, and to spare Libya from further security, political, economic, and social collapse, the Ihya Libya (Revive Libya) movement submits to Your Excellency, the following proposal, which we hope will receive your urgent acceptance and support:

Proposal for a New (Roadmap) Led by Arab League:

  • The position of the UN Secretary-General’s Envoy to Libya has become vacant, and it will be difficult to quickly find an alternative with the same powers.
  • The Arab League’s decision in 2011 is what prepared Libya to come under the burden of Chapter Seven and Security Council resolutions, and the League must now remove Libya from this tacit guardianship.
  • The opportunity is now ripe for the esteemed League to take the initiative and issue a decision obligating the Libyan House of Representatives and the Libyan Council of State to form a mini-government for electoral imperatives (simultaneous presidential and legislative elections) within 30 days, maximum.
  • Within a maximum of ten days, the League brings together the President of the House of Representatives, the President of the Council of State, and the President of the Presidential Council in an emergency and final meeting to resolve all the details and mechanisms to implement the electoral laws that are actually published in the Official Gazette and are binding for all. They must not leave the meeting except with a decisive and binding agreement for all.
  • The League sends the outcomes of the meeting to the Security Council, so that they are implemented under Chapter Seven by the Security Council.
  • The House of Representatives chooses the Head of the mini-government, in consultation with the (Council of State), and grants him confidence, so that the Prime Minister forms his team without interference, and the League of Arab States recognizes the new government and submits it to the Security Council for international recognition.
  • The mini-government focuses on delivering the elections according to the legally specified timetable, and on providing the necessary services to citizens, and it has no right to implicate the country in any obligations, legal or financial towards any other state. It has no right to procrastinate in handing over power immediately after the elections are completed.
  • The High National Elections Commission supervises the presidential and parliamentary elections in accordance with the published laws and regulations recently issued by the Commission, and uses its executive powers to address any remaining technical problems.
  • The 5+5 Military Committee forms a joint operations room that supervises coordination and military security of the elections throughout the country. This joint room is additionally staffed with members of senior police officers, internal and external security, military intelligence, and the National Security Council, from all parts of the country, as well as some security experts from the Arab League and the African Union for the purpose of monitoring.
  • The Supreme Judicial Council forms a specialized national judicial committee to judicially supervise the elections, appeals, and everything related to the judicial aspects of the elections.
  • Everyone must be allowed to run, launch electoral campaigns, and present their programs to the people, according to the laws in force. Everyone must accept election results, and that must be enforced locally, through the Joint Military Committee, regionally, through the Arab League and the African Union, and internationally, through the Security Council.
  • The Arab League and the United Nations attend the inauguration ceremonies of the new president and the new Legislative Council, and ensure the smooth and peaceful handover of powers.

We are ready to meet with Your Excellency, to clarify any point in this proposed Roadmap.

I extend to you, Your Excellency, my sincere thanks, appreciation and respect for your efforts to preserve the sovereignty, unity and integrity of the State of Libya.

Peace, mercy and blessings.

Dr. Aref Ali Nayed,
Chairman, Ihya Libya (Reviving Libya) Movement
April 18, 2024