Remarks by the head of Ihya Libya Bloc to Al-Sharq Al-Awsat newspaper


While welcoming the recent US strategic plan for Libya, Dr Aref Ali Nayed, Chairman of the Ihya Libya movement, affirmed in an interview with leading Al-Sharq Al-Awsat newspaper the need to hold Presidential and Parliamentary elections this year, according to the initiative of UN Envoy Abdoulaye Bathily, in order to ensure the right of approximately 2.8 million Libyan voters to participate.

Nayed said that Libyans will not accept any further delays or any deals between the ruling political factions, and noted that the strategy was in line with the vision of Ihya Libya movement. He added that this year’s elections are an urgent human right of the Libyan people.

He also praised the gradual approach outlined in the 10-year strategic plan, but stressed the need for a directly elected Parliament and President before entering into partnerships with the United States and other countries based on fairness and preserving national legitimacy and sovereignty.