Dialogue… Aref Ali Nayed: The Cairo Declaration is a Libyan Initiative Par Excellence


Aref Nayed, head of Ihya Libya, described the “Cairo Declaration” initiative as a Libyan initiative par excellence, stressing that it provides a solid basis for achieving peace and resuming a fruitful political process.

This came during an interview published by the Russian “Sputnik” news agency with Aref Al-Nayed, today, Wednesday, and the text was as follows:

Do you plan to carry out any visits to the European Union countries, the United States of America, or African countries, or conduct negotiations with them in the foreseeable future? Does your agenda include any meetings with Russian diplomats?

I communicate daily with many European governments, American and British officials, as well as the member states of the African Union under my mandate as the special envoy of the Speaker of the House of Representatives .. I also facilitate the foreign visits of the Speaker of the House of Representatives as well as the visits of diplomats and ministers to him at his headquarters.

Source: www.mobtada.com